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This website offers its readers various options for travelling to Continental Europe as well as the Nordics by car. The existing routes, the costs and travel times are shown for travel to Denmark, France, Belgium and The Netherlands.

In addition you will also find various tips and tricks that will make your journey by car a lot easier.

As each experience is different, we also ask our readers to share their personal experiences, opinions and / or tips with us and more importantly with our readers.

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What’s the easiest way to reach these countries by car?

Car Travel Tips:


Local Traffic Rules

The majority of the traffic rules on the continent are the same as ours. There is one huge exception though: the people on the main land drive on the wrong side of the road. And of course, there are many “little” differences that you will need to consider during your journey!

You'll find a list of important special rules, but also practical facts that may come in handy during your next road trip for the following countries:


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