Speed limit

The following speed limits apply unless specified otherwise:

 Town   50 km/h
Outside village
  80 km/h
 2x2 Lanes   80 km/h
Motorway   130 km/h


Priority Rules

In Denmark, a roadsign with an inverted orange 'Y' means that the traffic coming onto the road has the priority.


The road network in Denmark is free. There are two toll bridges where a toll is required:  the Great Belt Bridge and the Oresund Bridge (connection to Sweden).

Parking Rules

In most Danish cities a parking fee is required. In the capital, Copenhagen, the parking time is limited to 1 hour.


Seat belts are to be worn by all occupants. Children should be aged 12 and at least 1.5m before they are allowed to sit in the front passanger seat.

Alcohol Limit

The maximum permitted blood alcohol content is 0.5 pro mille.

Mobile Phones

Calling in the car is only allowed if use of a handsfree set. 

Other Facts

The headlights of the vehicle must always be lit.
It is forbidden to rest overnight in a vehicle on the side of the road.


Golden Tip:
You are required to drive with your lights on ... but don't forget to turn them off!