Administrative Burden: The Paperwork

Before you depart, you best take the time to verify all important documents. This administrative check-up may seem a horrible task but just think of all the paperwork and possible associated costs that you will avoid!

Paperworkwise, it is best to review the following:

  • Make a copy of all important papers, such as your identity card or passport, the papers of your car, etc ... this to ensure you still have a copy in case of theft or loss.

  • Do you have travel insurance? Have a look at the content of your personal insurance, car insurance and car assistance policy. This will help you decide whether or not an additional travel insurance is necessary.

  • Find out whether your car insurance is still valid. And just as important, does your insurance cover you in the countries you are planning to visit?

  • If you have no car assistance, it might be a good idea to inquire about the possibilities. Prevention is always better than cure!Administrative Burden

  • Do you already have car assistance, then do not hesitate to verify whether it is still valid and again whether it is valid in the countries you will be travelling.

  • Keep the contact details of your car assistance on you! Do not leave them in the car because when the car gets towed you won’t be able to reach them!

  • It is also recommended keep the address(es) of where you will be staying on you. Do not forget to fill in the folks at home. In case of loss, you can always contact them for help!

  • Make sure you have the appropriate payment possibilities. If you need to exchange money, inform your bank in time. You can also count on your bank- and creditcards.

  • Do not forget a little cash to carry. There won't always be an ATM near you!