Have your car revised!

Before leaving, you'd best check if you have already taken the following measures. Your car is your mean of transport and a very important travel companion. So make sure that this has no ailments! You prefer to go on vacation feeling good don’t you? Not only your car should be checked on a regular base, your caravan or motorhome deserves the same care!

A service is necessary for every car. Verify if your next check up is not due during your trip! It is always recommended to have a check-up before your departure. Remember to fix an appointment with your car mechanic on time!

Verify the following a few days before your departure:Car Check-Up

  • The oil level: fill this up if necessary
  • Coolant: also fill this up if necessary
  • Washer fluid
  • The tires

Regarding the tires, several aspects must be checked:

The tire air pressure
Make sure there is enough air in your tires. The right amount of bar can be found in your car manual.

The tread
The tire tread depth is statutorily determined and is at least 1.6mm. For safety reasons it is recommended to have a minimum of 2.5mm in the summer and 4mm minimum in the winter. The tread provides the tire with more grip which is very important when roads are wet and in situations of aquaplaning. The larger the tread, the shorter the braking distance.

Golden Tip: Do you have a spare tire in your car? What’s its condition?